Sanctuary Trainings



As you know, “sanctuary” is an ancient religious tradition by which temples, churches, mosques, or even entire cities shelter and protect those who are in danger.  There’s renewed interest in applying this tradition to the plight of undocumented immigrants in the Valley and across the nation. 

At the request of numerous Merrimack Valley religious leaders, MVP is taking a lead role in organizing trainings on sanctuary.

MVP and other community groups are holding a January 19 Sanctuary training in Lowell at St. Patrick’s Parish Hall, 282 Suffolk St., from 7:15 – 9:15 pm. (Note: new time.)

In Lawrence, MVP & Communities Together, Inc. are planning a Sanctuary training for Spanish-speaking clergy and leaders, tentatively scheduled for February 1.  Details to follow.

Call MVP now (978-686-0650) to reserve space at any of these trainings. If you’re interested in a Sanctuary training in your city or town, call Leena Mathew at 413-977-8518, or Luke Hill at 401-556-6327, or email

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